What Can A Business Phone Line Do for Your Business?

Separate your personal and professional phone lines by getting a secure and cost-effective temporary phone number.

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Senior Writer: Jahnavi Vekaria

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green tickPublished : May 4, 2022

We can’t imagine our lives without phones. Businesses prefer to reach customers through telephone lines. Do you know that more than 60% of the customers like to call a company after finding them online? Hence, business owners need to have a dedicated business phone line.

The ideal solution is the business line on a personal cell phone, which offers much-needed support to the company. Let us know all about these numbers in detail. It is a dedicated business telephone line for business purposes, separate from private phone numbers. Further, a business line for cell phones ensures no calls get missed or unnoticed.

What Does it Mean to Get a Business Phone Line for Business?

What Does It Mean To Get A Second Phone Number For Business-

Business owners have the responsibility to manage their personal and professional lives. However, this work-life balance becomes complicated when they have a single number for private and professional purposes. Hence, the business line on a cell phone is a dedicated business telephone line used for professional purposes only.

It is easy for business owners to send business texts and make free international calls online from a separate business phone line using free phone number apps.

Furthermore, it is easy to share this number on different social media pages, websites, promotional events, etc. The best part of these numbers is eliminating the unique phones as these can be operated using the apps based on VoIP technology. 

Why Might Local Business Owners Need a Business Phone Line?

Why Might Local Business Owners Need a Second Phone Number (2)

Multiple benefits of the business landline phone for business are not limited to the following:

  1. Global number selection according to the business needs.
  2. Improved calling experience with clear voice quality.
  3. International or domestic texting and calling features.
  4. Easy to use the number on mobile data or Wi-Fi for calling.
  5. No need to purchase extra hardware.
  6. Quick setup and convenient use with the help of dedicated apps.
  7. Get A Second Phone Number Without A Landline Or Sim Card

Different Types of Business Telephone Lines

Business Phone Number


The four main types of numbers offered using a business telephone line include:

Mobile Phone Numbers

These virtual phone numbers are assigned to mobile devices. VoIP technology ensures that the team can use these numbers on different devices without issues in connecting to customers from remote locations. Hence, businesses can add a business line to cell phones and move ahead of the traditional lines using mobile phone numbers for all professional communications.

Premium Rate Phone Numbers

It is easy for businesses to go for the premium rate business line on personal cell phones when it is all about beating the competition. These numbers start with 09 and cost more than $3.5 per minute. Hence, it becomes easy for businesses to go for the premium rate business landline phone service and start their professional journey.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

If a business is at an earlier stage or an established company is looking for a customer service number, the toll-free numbers can help. These business lines on cell phones don’t charge anything to the customer, but businesses have to pay for the calls. Further, these numbers start from the 800 area code & include 888 area code, 855 area code, 866 area code, and 844 area code making them easily recognizable.

Local Business Phone Numbers

Startups and small businesses entering a new region can go for the local business landline phone service. These local numbers start with the local area codes, which give a familiarity to the customers, and hence they can quickly trust the new business. VoIP technology further allows the companies to go for the local area business phone line, which works best without needing an established office at the new location.

How Does a Business Phone Line for Business Work?

How Does a Second Phone Number for Business Work

Like any other business telephone line, a business phone line for a business has a dedicated professional number. It is used to reach the customers and promotional offers and can be the number on the click-to-call option. Hence, it becomes easy for businesses to keep their telephony services online using separate business telephone lines.

The business line on personal cell phone apps leverages VoIP technology and programmatic SMS services in the backend. These services are connected to the telecom companies, which perform call connections and deliver text messages to the customers. 

Hence, using a business phone line business app triggers a set of APIs offered by external VoIP and programmable SMS services. Hence, all the things happen automatically from the business side using these apps only. Let us go through the main benefits of the business landline phone for businesses.

Advantages Of A Business Phone Line For Business

Second Phone Number For Business


While it is not only about separating the personal and professional numbers, there is much more to offer. Some of the main advantages of obtaining a business line on a cell phone include:

Effective Business Management

It becomes easy for businesses to separate unwanted calls from good business calls. Hence, adding a business phone line helps alleviate business issues and enhance the professional working life. Moreover, it is easy to manage different business functionalities using the business phone line apps.

Improved Privacy

Business owners often have to hide their private life while dealing with multiple clients. The use of a business phone line starting with the traditional codes ensures that the reputation and identity of the business owner are protected.

Enhanced Communication Features 

The second-line business phone numbers streamline the entire business communication like texts, calling, etc. Some of the key features which help businesses are voicemail systems, auto-reply texts, etc. The other automation systems can bring the optimized benefits of second-line numbers.

Things To Consider When Setting Up A Business Phone Line For Businesses

Things To Consider When Setting Up A Second Phone Line For Business

It is easy to get a business line on a personal cell phone when you have a quick guide to set it up, even for the first time. Some of the critical aspects you can consider for these business numbers are:

  1. Technical support: Businesses must go for a business phone line provider offering around-the-clock technical support to the team.
  2. Types of numbers: Businesses can choose the business landline phone service based on the customer location, like international or domestic numbers.
  3. Easy to use: You need to go for the service provider, which offers a business telephone line that you can use quickly without any detailed setup. Your team should feel comfortable using these numbers.
  4. Features: All business telephony services offer basic and add-on features. Further, you can look for voicemail, auto-reply messages, call forwarding, and caller ID features.
  5. Cost: Last but not least is the overall charge for buying the dedicated business phone line for business. It is easy to shortlist one or two service providers and go for the one having reasonable pricing.

How to add a Business Phone Line to your cell phone?

Now it’s easy to add a business line to your cell phone with 2nd number in just 3 steps – 

Step 1 – Visit the app store and download the 2nd number ios app

Step 2 – Choose the preferred country and select your phone number from the list.

Step 3 –  Dail or text your customers anywhere anytime.


With more than 59% of the people preferring to use click-to-call to get a quick answer, investing in business telephony can be the best decision for any business. It is easy to add a business line to a cell phone/temporary mobile phone number for the company to separate private life from professional life. After a quick definition, it becomes easy to understand the different types of numbers available for businesses.

Having a business phone line for businesses has multiple benefits, including dedicated professional contact, reduced data breaches, social media selling, etc. With a quick guide to setting up a business phone line for business, you can give it a try confidently to stay ahead of the competition.

Updated : August 16, 2022

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