How to Call Brazil from USA

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Since the advent of cell phones and the internet, there have been many ways to make international phone calls. For example, you can now easily make international phone calls from the United States to Brazil using mobile phones, apps, or computer software.

how to dial Brazil from the US


It can be complicated and expensive to call Brazil from another country since every country has its own area codes and rules for receiving calls. If you like to know how to make a hassle-free call to Brazil, this guide will help you.

So, for example, suppose you want to call Rio de Janeiro from the US. The steps would be as follows:

  1. The first step is to dial 011, which is the US exit code (Also known as an international access code)
  2. You will then need to dial 55 – the Brazil country code
  3. Next, dial the two-digit area code or mobile code (see calling code list for different regions below) followed by the 8-digit mobile phone number.

The number would look like 011+55+21+12345678 on your mobile phone.

Need More Help Calling Brazil Number?

It’s not a problem if you’re having trouble calling a Brazil number – knowing the correct information and choosing a reliable service provider will help solve some common issues:

brazil calling country code format

Blocked International Calls

Your service provider may have induced a “blocked” status in your settings. Change that setting, and you’ll be able to make calls.

Mobile Numbers Without Area Codes

There is usually a unique starting digit for international cell phone numbers; you cannot add an area code.

Drop The Trunk Code

This first digit acts as the “trunk code” for numbers beginning with zero; you can only use it in a few countries. Take it off, and you’ll be able to dial.

VoIP (Internet Phone) Connections

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers usually do not require you to dial 011 when calling internationally, so if that feature is active, you can skip this step.

Toll-Free Number in Brazil

Although toll-free numbers are usually free, you may be charged a regular international rate or even higher if you call Brazil from the US or Call to USA from Brazil. So try contacting a standard local number instead.

Here Is A List Of Major Brazil Area Codes & City Calling Codes


Ananindeua 91 Mogi das Cruzes 11
Anapolis 62 Natal 84
Aparecida de Goiânia 62 Niteroi 21
Aracaju 79 Nova Iguacu 21
Bauru 14 Olinda 81
Belem 91 Paulista 81
Belo Horizonte 31 Pelotas 53
Boa Vista 95 Petropolis 24
Brasilia 61 Piracicaba 19
Campinas 19 Porto Alegre 51
Campo Grande 67 Porto Velho 69
Canoas 51 Recife 81
Carapicuíba 11 Ribeirão Preto 16
Cariacica 27 Rio Branco 68
Caxias do Sul 54 Rio de Janeiro 21
Contagem 31 Salvador 71
Cuiaba 65 Santa Maria 55
Curitiba 41 Santarem 91
Diadema 11 Santo Andre 11
Duque de Caxias 21 Santos 13
Feira de Santana 75 Sao Bernardo Campo 11
Florianopolis 48 Sao Goncalo 21
Fortaleza 85 Sao João de Meriti 21
Foz do Iguacu 45 Sao Jose Campos 12
Franca 16 São José de Rio Preto 17
Goiania 62 Sao Luis 98
Guarulhos 11 São Paulo 11
Ilheus 73 Sao Vicente 13
Itaquaquecetuba 11 Serra 27
Joinville 47 Sorocaba 15
Joao Pessoa 83 Taubate 12
Juiz de Fora 32 Teresina 86
Limeira 19 Uberlandia 34
Londrina 43 Uberaba 34
Macapa 96 Varzea Grande 65
Maceio 82 Vila Velha 27
Manaus 92 Vitoria 27
Maringa 44 Vitória da Conquista 77
Maua 11 Volta Redonda 24
Montes Claros 38

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Bottom Line

With a virtual phone number on hand and a complete understanding of the international phone system, you’ll be able to communicate with anyone worldwide. This powerful yet simple concept allows you to stay in touch with family, friends, business partners, clients, and investors at an affordable price.

If you have the right resources, calling Brazil from the USA is simple and inexpensive. All you need to remember is the Brazil phone code, the Brazil mobile number format, and the area code of the person or company you’re calling.

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Private number calling apps are a great option to call Brazil from the USA. They allow you to make unlimited calls and text messages via Wi-Fi or mobile data and are easy to set up and use. For example, you only have to download the 2nd number app, select your preferred country and code, and pay.

55 is Brazil's calling code.

For making an international call to Brazil, dial:
Exit code (of your country) + 55 (Brazil country code) + Area code (Brazil) + Mobile Number (receiver's number)

There are eight digits in Brazil's cell phone numbers

There are a total of 67 area codes in Brazil. Some of them are Rio de Janeiro - 21, Salvador - 71, and Sao Paulo - 11.

Here's how to call Sao Paulo from the USA:
Exit code (of your country) + 55 (Brazil country code) + 11 (Area code Sao Paulo) + Telephone Number (receiver's number)

Updated : December 2, 2022

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