How to Call Canada from The US?

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Calling Canada from the US using a cell phone or landline is straightforward. However, a few things to consider when calling Canada from the USA are the Canadian area codes and international calling costs.

When calling numbers outside the United States, you usually dial the exit code 011; however, Canada lies in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), so you can ignore the exit code. Our guide will explain how to call your neighbors in the Great White North.

Steps to Call Canada from the US?

Here’s how to call Canada from the US:

    1. Dial 1 (the country code of Canada)

    Begin by dialing the Canada country code of 1.

    2. Enter the Three-Digit Area Code

    Next, dial the three-digit area code for your region in Canada.

    3. Dial the Intended Recipient’s Seven-Digit Number.

    For example, if your Canadian contact has a phone number of 780-154-7481, dial that number from your phone and add “1” for the Canadian country code to make the call, so 1-780-154-7481 will be the final number! 

To make an international call to countries outside the US, dial + (on a mobile phone or using a VoIP phone system) or 011 (from a landline) as the exit code. For example, calling to Canada, you do not need to dial 011.

An Example of How to Dial Canada from the US

Example of dialing canada from the US


Suppose you want to call Vancouver from the US. Here are the steps you will need to follow to make a call to Canada from the US:

  1. Dial ‘1 ‘– which is the country phone code for Canada.
  2. Next, dial ‘778 ‘, the area code for Vancouver.
  3. Finally, enter the 7-digit number, for example, ‘123-4321.’

The fact that it can be expensive to call Canada from the US is something you need to consider when calling to Canada, irrespective of whether it’s for personal or business purposes.

If you have prospects in Canada, a private phone number is a good option in this situation, especially if you need to communicate with them over the phone. As a cutting-edge, well-designed, and user-friendly mobile application, the 2nd Number app allows you to make international calls and send messages at a significantly reduced price through your cell phone.

Major Area Codes in Canada

In Canada, area codes are used to differentiate provinces and regions. For example, to call any landline in Canada from the US, you need to dial 1-The Area Code (see table below)-The 7 Digit Number. Below is a table displaying Canada’s area codes and their corresponding regions.

Location Area Code Location2 Area Code3
Alberta (Northern) 780 Ottawa 613
Alberta (Southern) 403 Prince Edward Island 902
British Columbia 250, 604, 778 Quebec 450, 819
Edmonton 780 Quebec City 418
London 519 Saskatchewan 306
Manitoba 204 Sherbrooke 819
Montreal 514 Thunder Bay 807
New Brunswick 506 Toronto (Greater) 289, 905
Newfoundland 709 Toronto (Metro) 416, 647


705 Vancouver 778
Nova Scotia 902 Yukon & NW Territories 867

More than 600 thousand Americans live in Canada, which is located close to the United States. Additionally, Canada turns out to be a lucrative market for American companies.

Although prospects and personal relations are just a phone call away, international calling rules apply here. In the subsequent section, you will learn how to make international calls to Canada from the USA.

Calling Canada from the US: Factoring in Time Zone Differences

There are six time zones in Canada that need to be considered based on the location of your recipient, including:

Pacific Standard Time (PST) – Vancouver and most of British Columbia are on Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Mountain Standard Time (MST) – Among these areas are Edmonton and the rest of Alberta, along with parts of northern and eastern British Columbia, Yukon, the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories (except Tungsten). Remember that Yukon and some parts of BC do not observe daylight savings time and adhere to MST all year round.

Central Standard Time (CST) – The area encompasses Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Ontario, and parts of Nunavut. Saskatchewan does not change to standard time during the winter when other areas do.

Time Zone Differences in Canada


Eastern Time Zone (EST) – The area encompasses most of Quebec and a significant section of Ontario (Toronto, Shebandowan, Upsala, and Ottawa).

Atlantic Time Zone (AST) – This time zone encompasses Labrador (except the southeast tip), New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, & Quebec’s Magdalen Islands and Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation. East of the Natashquan River in Quebec observes AST all year.

Newfoundland Time Zone – NST encompasses Labrador and Newfoundland.

Best Ways To Make International Calls To Canada From The USA

Below are the main ways to call Canada from the United States

Virtual Numbers

Benefits of virtual phone system


You can also use virtual phone numbers from the USA to call Canada, but this technology is primarily for business and is expensive for private use.

As virtual telephone number applications are meant for businesses, they include functions that are not only complex for ordinary people but also unnecessary. In addition, their monthly international calling plan can be far more expensive for people just looking to dial Canada. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best business phone number solution for Canada, you should invest in the 2nd Number, a leading virtual phone number provider.

Mobile Carriers Special Plans

For many people, international calling cards were the most popular way to get in touch with friends and family in other countries. In addition to enabling international calling, when you buy international calling cards from a service provider, you’ll receive free minutes that can be utilized for both domestic and international calls.

Increasingly, network providers are offering app-centric plans in an effort to strengthen their grip on the app-centric industry as technology brings people closer. The fact is that mobile carrier plans are extremely beneficial, as some regions lack basic facilities like Wi-Fi or data access, which is why they are so important.

Best mobile carrier plans 2022


AT&T offers, for instance, a domestic postpaid wireless plan with unlimited talk time. It is, however, becoming less popular these days due to factors such as poor cell phone connectivity, high international calling fees, and poor customer service.

Additionally, innovative private number apps for smartphones are fast gaining popularity and replacing international calling cards.

Private Phone Number Applications

You can use private number calling apps to call Canada from the US or anywhere else in the world. They’re low-cost apps that use Wi-Fi or mobile data to make calls and send messages, and they’re easy to install and use.

For example, when you buy the 2nd Number app, you need to install it on your device, choose your preferred country and code, and you’re good to go. Furthermore, these apps come with a number of useful features that make the calling process easier.

We suggest that you subscribe to 2nd Number if, however, you are unfamiliar with these private telephone number applications and unsure what one to use.

Communication Software (Audio/Video Call)

most popular video services by US people


You can make audio and video calls to friends, coworkers, and family in Canada using software like Zoom, Skype, or Google Duo.

As a result, most business communication occurs through software, which also allows users to chat, share files, and perform other tasks. It is also common for these mobile apps to encounter security issues.

Why Choose a 2nd Number App to Call Canada From the USA?

2nd Number is an advanced, user-friendly, and well-designed mobile application that enables you to make international unlimited calls and send messages at a significantly lower cost through your cell phone. In addition, the 2nd Number application offers the following benefits to both individuals and businesses:



High-Quality Calling

Using a second number for making calls to Canada from the USA gives users excellent, lag-free voice quality even when making international calls. This app works on Wi-Fi and mobile data and ensures users enjoy clear, high-quality voice quality even when making international calls.

Exceptional Portability

You can access the 2nd Number business phone number app from anywhere, as long as you have a decent internet connection. The 2nd Number app can be accessed anywhere and at any time. The only requirement is a good internet connection. The app also supports wifi-calling for a more seamless, more convenient experience.

Seamless setup

Setting up your account and using your 2nd number only takes a few steps. First, you must download the app from the app store, select the phone number, and choose the country code.


When you use a Canadian number from the 2nd Number, you’ll be able to save on excessive expenses, and 2ndNumber’s services are affordable and personal. In addition, business calls separately will prevent personal calls from interfering with your professional life.

cost efficient business phone number app

The Canadian Numbers Pool

In addition to having access to a large pool of Canadian numbers, you can choose the best Canadian number with the area code based on your requirements and business interests if you purchase a Canadian number from a leading provider like 2ndNumber.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now understand how to call Canada from the US using everyday phone numbers for personal use. The process of calling Canada from the USA is pretty straightforward. All you have to remember is that “1” is the Canada code to call from the US, the Canada phone number format, and the area code of the receiver. 

Compared to other business calling services today, using the 2nd Number App can save you money for conducting business. Consider 2nd Number, a streamlined and efficient business calling solution that gives you everything you need in a straightforward app instead of those costly business calling solutions.

Manage your calls more effectively, get affordable rates, and use power tools.

Get your 2nd Number now!


Whether you use a cellphone or a landline to make calls to Canada from the US, use the same procedure to make a call. For example:

  1. Dial '1 '– which is the country phone code for Canada.
  2. Next, dial '778 ', the area code for Vancouver.
  3. Finally, enter the 7-digit number, for example, '123-4321.'

But you should know that landlines may charge additional charges for international calls. Therefore, check your landline plan before you place any calls if you want to find out whether calling Canada will cost you more.

You have to Dial 1(The Canada country code), followed by the three-digit region's area code corresponding to the number you will be calling and then the seven-digit number. For example, if you call a friend in Vancouver, dial 1-778-222-2222.

To make a business call, you can purchase an expensive VoIP system or invest in an excellent private calling app like the 2nd Number that will save you a lot of money. The procedure for calling Canada is the same as mentioned above.

Yes, you can call Canada with a US number. Since all NANP countries have the same country code, "1", you may call Canada from the US by dialing "1" before the desired number.

Each territory and province in Canada has a unique area code. Before you call Canada, make sure you have the three-digit area code. Here is an example: Vancouver's area code is 778, and Ottawa's 613

To dial a Canadian number from your iPhone, you'll need to dial a "+" before you start dialing. You can access the + by pressing and holding the 0 button.

Afterwards, type the country's code on the keypad in the Phone app, followed by the international number you're trying to dial, and then press the green phone icon to make the call.

You will likely be charged extra if you call international numbers from your iPhone - check with your mobile provider for prices or you can opt for a free service provider like the 2nd Number.

In contrast to other international calls from the United States, Canada does not require you to dial 011.

Updated : September 23, 2022

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