How to Call Germany from US?

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Joydeep Das

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green tickPublished : September 28, 2022

Calling Germany from the US for business or personal reasons isn’t a daunting task, provided that you have ample knowledge of German phone codes and are familiar with the ways of calling Germany. Then, with the right resources and information, you can reach out to your German contacts in a few minutes.

This blog will guide you through the various ways of calling Germany from the US and help you master the intricacies of international calling. We would discuss techniques, best practices, resources, and norms using the simplest terms.

So let’s get started.

4 Easy Steps To Call Germany from the USA

Wondering how to call Germany from the US? We have enumerated the process and explained it step by step below.

Learn how to call Germany from the USA

Calling your prospects, customers, business associates, and loved ones in Germany can be simplified using the four-step process described here:

Step 1: Dial the exit code for USA (011)

Step 2: Type Germany’s international dialing code – (+49)

Step 3: Enter the German area code

(or Vorwahl) that you want to dial and add a 0 before it. For example, the area code for Berlin is 30, so you would need to dial ‘030’.

Step 4: Type the German local number after the area code.

Instead of using the 011 exit code, you can also use the ‘+’ sign. After dialing the numbers and codes mentioned above, the German phone number format should look like this: 

011 49 30 XXXX XXXX, where the digits before the numbers are referred to as trunk call codes. 

Things to consider before calling Germany from the USA

Now that we know how to call a German number from the US, let’s get down to the components needed for such a call. There are primarily five things that you must consider before making a call to Germany from the United States:

things to consider before calling Germany from the USA

  1. The US exit code 
  2. The German country code
  3. The specific area/regional code 
  4. The German phone number you want to dial
  5. The medium of communication (i.e. international calling cards, virtual phone numbers, video communication solutions, or private number calling apps)

What are German Area Codes?

A German area code is a specific code assigned for dialing particular regions in the country. So if you want to reach out to an individual in Germany, you will need to know their area code and add it before dialing the number.

Biggest Cities In Germany with Area Codes:

Area Code Location
(030)  Berlin
(0521)  Bielefeld
(0234)  Bochum
(0421)  Bremen
(0231)  Dortmund
(0351) Dresden
(0203)  Duisburg
(0211)  Düsseldorf
(0201)  Essen, Ruhr
(069)  Frankfurt (Main)
(040)  Hamburg
(0511) Hannover
(0221)  Köln
(0341)  Leipzig
(089) München
(0911)  Nürnberg
(0711) tuttgart
(0202) Wuppertal

calling Germany from the US, choose your preferred area code based on the receiver’s location. You can also find an exhaustive list of German area codes here.

How To Call A Landline in Germany?

Here’s how you can call Germany from the USA. Let us assume, for instance, that the German landline number is 0123456 and is located in Berlin.

  1. Dial the USA exit code (011) or add ‘+’.
  2. Dial the country code for Germany (49).
  3. Dial the area code for Berlin (30)
  4. Type the phone number 0123456 to place a call.

Now that we have answered how to call Germany from a US cell phone, let’s understand how to make calls to German mobiles. 

How To Call A Mobile Number in Germany?

To know how to dial Germany from the US, let’s assume that the mobile number is 0123456  and is located in Frankfurt. Here’s how you dial the cell number:

  1. Dial the USA exit code (011) or add ‘+’.
  2. Dial the country code for Germany (49).
  3. Enter the mobile phone code (1)
  4. Dial the area code for Frankfurt (69)
  5. Type the mobile phone number 0123456 to place a call.

How to Save Your Calling Cost to Germany?

We all know how expensive international calling can be, especially if you are not using international calling plans. However, in the long run, you end up spending almost the same amount of money given the per-minute cost of such calls. Hence, many wonder how to call German numbers from the US at affordable rates.

how to save your calling cost to germany

Apart from the exorbitant costs, there are also factors like bad connectivity and poor customer service that are keeping people away from such plans/ calling cards. VoIP technology has had major advancements in recent years, both in terms of the quality and features they offer. This is why they have become the preferred choice of most individuals and businesses calling Germany from US.

VoIP calls can be availed in the following two ways:

By Purchasing Virtual Phone Numbers

Subscribing to a virtual phone number would hardly cost you $25-35 a month. They are specially designed for business purposes and offer several advanced call management and agent/performance management features.

By Using Private Phone Number Apps

Private phone number apps like 2nd Number are one of the best ways for calling from USA to Germany. They are ideal for international calling and are affordable as well. These low-cost applications use mobile data or Wi-Fi to make calls and send SMS. Additionally, they are easy to avail, set up, and use.

For instance, if you decide to purchase a plan from the 2nd Number app, all you need to do is install it on your device and choose a plan based on your preferred country and area. 2nd Number app can provide different countries’ virtual phone numbers like Canada, Mexico, China, etc. Additionally, the app comes with a multitude of features to make international calling smooth and effective.

Today there are several types of private phone number applications available for calling Germany from US. However, if you are unfamiliar with private number apps and are unsure of which one to subscribe to, we recommend that you go for 2nd Number.

Let’s have a look at a few features of the 2nd Number iOS app features and USPs to understand why it’s the best app to dial Germany from the US and for international calling in general.

Why Choose 2nd Number Virtual Phone Number App?

The 2nd Number Virtual Number app is an advanced, user-friendly, and feature-rich mobile application that helps you make international calls and send texts through your phone at affordable prices. This VoIP app offers exceptional call quality and works without any setup or hardware requirements. The app can easily be downloaded on any smartphone and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

why to choose 2nd number virtual phone number to call germany from usa

Here are some other reasons why you should consider using the 2nd Number app for calling Germany from the USA:

  1. Global Number Selection
    2nd Number allows you to choose a number in your desired country and region. You can select your preferred number from a list and start calling numbers from any country.
  2. Easy Portability
    The 2nd Number app can be used from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection to make high-quality calls.
  3. Convenience
    The 2nd Number app is user-friendly and requires no setup. It is loaded with features to make your calling experiences flawless and hassle-free.
  4. Call Forwarding
    You can choose to answer your calls anywhere and anytime with the 2nd Number mobile app. You can redirect incoming calls to any phone number you select using the Call Forwarding feature.

2nd Number app offers several benefits for international calling


Calling Germany from the United States is neither complicated nor expensive if you have the right resources. All you need to remember is the country code for Germany, the German telephone number format, and the area code of the person or business you are calling. In addition, choosing an application like 2nd Number saves you a lot of hassle and costs while helping you enjoy peerless calling quality.


To dial Germany from the US, you have to enter the following in the order given:

  1. The US exit code
  2. The German country code
  3. The specific area/regional code you are calling to
  4. The German phone number you want to dial

To dial a +49 number, do the following:

  1. Dial your country’s exit code
  2. Dial the German country code (49)
  3. Dial the (2-5 digit) area code for the region/city you are calling
  4. Finally, dial the (3-9 digit) phone number you want to reach

Yes, you can make calls to Germany inexpensively using your cell phone directly using the 2nd Phone number app. You can also purchase a plan or international calling card for making such calls.

2nd Number offers multiple calling plans for Germany, and their cost depends on the type of numbers called, the area code you are calling and the calling plan selected.

When calling someone outside Germany, you have to dial +49 as a prefix before the number. Alternatively, you can also dial 0049 as a prefix to the number you are calling.

Updated : November 21, 2022

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