How To Call South Africa from The US

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You don’t have to pay a lot or deal with complicated processes to call South Africa, whether you’re looking to call for business or personal reasons. Before entering the phone number, type your country’s exit code followed by the South African country code, “27,”.

how to dial South Africa from the USASource

It is usually more difficult for customers to call companies abroad than to call local numbers. The following guide will explain how to dial South Africa from the United States and the different area codes for South Africa.

So, for example, suppose you want to call Cape Town, South Africa, from the US. The steps would be as follows:

  1. The first step is to dial 011, which is the US exit code (also known as an international access code)
  2. You will then need to dial 27 – the country code of South Africa
  3. Next, dial the two-digit area code or mobile code (see South Africa calling code list for different regions below) followed by the 7-digit mobile phone number.

The South Africa phone number would look like 011+27+21+1234567 on your mobile phone.

Need More Help Calling South Africa Number?

Calling a South Africa phone number can be a challenge – but by choosing a reliable service provider and knowing the correct information, you’ll be able to solve some common problems mentioned below:

South Africa dialing codeSource

Blocked International Calls

Sometimes, service providers set the phones’ international calling status to “blocked.” By changing this status on mobile phones, you’ll be able to call internationally.

Mobile Numbers Without Area Codes

In most countries, you can’t add an area code to an international cell phone number; most countries have a unique starting digit for international calls.

Drop The Trunk Code

This first digit is the “trunk code” for phone numbers beginning with a zero – you can only use it for calls to a few countries. Remove it, and you should be able to call.

VoIP (Internet Phone) Connections

Most Internet cell phone (VoIP) providers do not require you to dial the exit code 011 when calling internationally, so if that feature is on, skip pressing 011.

Here Is A List Of Major South Africa Area Codes & City Calling Codes

Below is a list of international dialing codes for your reference:

Cape Town 21
Durban 31
Johannesburg 11
Pretoria 12
Soweto 51
Port Elizabeth 41
Pietermaritzburg 33
Benoni 11
Vereeniging 16
Bloemfontein 51

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Bottom Line

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The process of calling South Africa from the USA is straightforward. You only have to remember that +27 is the South African calling code to dial from the United States, the South African phone number format, and the major city area codes.

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To reach a South African mobile phone from the USA, dial the international calling code, the area code, and the cell phone number. For example, dial: 011 (Exit code of USA) + 27 (South Africa country code) + South Africa area code + Mobile Number (receiver's number).

+27 is the country code of South Africa.

For making international calls to South African mobile numbers, dial: Exit code (of your country) + 27 (South Africa country code) + Area code (South Africa) + Mobile Number (receiver's number).

Johannesburg and Benoni have area code 11 in South Africa.

When you call South Africa from the USA with the 2nd Number app, the cost varies depending on your subscription package. You can start calling South Africa for as little as $10/month.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that the cost of calling South Africa from the US via private phone number apps is the lowest among all alternative options, including an international calling card, video communication software, etc. If you still need clarification, feel free to contact us.

South Africa's phone number consists of 11 numbers split into groups of 3. Therefore, if you want to make a call using a mobile phone, you'll need to dial the country code + area code + number followed by the seven digits.

There are a total of 36 area codes in South Africa. Some of them are Cape town - 21, Durban - 31, and Johannesburg - 11.

Updated : December 1, 2022

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