How to Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp Business Activation in 2022

Separate your personal and professional phone lines by getting a secure and cost-effective temporary phone number.

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green tickPublished : November 17, 2022

With the evolving world, business processes are also progressing. Businesses have found multiple ways to connect with clients and boost their revenue remotely.

One such method is communicating through WhatsApp. The post-pandemic era has seen an evident rise in the number of WhatsApp users. In April 2022, WhatsApp had 2.44 billion unique active users worldwide. 

Everyone values privacy. Nobody wants to advertise their personal information. This is where a virtual number for WhatsApp can help!

Virtual numbers are an easy way to connect with clients anywhere and anytime! You can change a WhatsApp number and get a virtual mobile number to communicate seamlessly with clients.

Let’s see how we can utilize a WhatsApp virtual number for businesses.

What is a WhatsApp Virtual Number? 

What is a WhatsApp Virtual Number?


A WhatsApp virtual number is just like a regular number. However, you don’t need a new phone or a sim card for a virtual number for WhatsApp.

You can simultaneously use the number on various devices and share it among multiple users without revealing your personal information.

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app, compatible with all operating systems, free, easy, and comfortable to use. 

With a free virtual number for WhatsApp, you can use the call forwarding feature, personalize your conversations with customers, build strong relationships and boost sales.

In addition, you can use WhatsApp Business to make your business communication seamless. 

Why Do You Need a WhatsApp Virtual Number?

Why do you Need a WhatsApp Virtual Number?


A virtual phone number for WhatsApp helps businesses. From enhancing communication to improving open rates of messages, a VOIP number for WhatsApp has proven to be beneficial in countless ways.

Let’s focus on some advantages of a virtual number for WhatsApp. 

Mask your Numbers

You can safeguard your and your customers’ identity with a virtual WhatsApp number.

 A WhatsApp business phone number for free helps you maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your information. Number masking avoids the misuse of sensitive details.

Besides, by masking your numbers with a WhatsApp VOIP number, you can ensure in-platform transactions and save costs. 

Improve Internal Communication

TechCrunch says more than a hundred billion messages are sent on WhatsApp daily! So, WhatsApp is widely used by almost everyone.

And it is also one of the most reliable forms of internal communication. 

So, with a free virtual number for WhatsApp, you can access a wide range of audiences, improve your connectivity and boost your business’ productivity.

Customized Experience 

Buy a virtual number for WhatsApp and have a customized experience in customer communication. With a virtual phone number for WhatsApp, businesses can reach a broader range of customers.

Besides, clients and consumers prefer messaging on WhatsApp instead of raising tickets or waiting for customer service support.

And as WhatsApp business is one of the most used platforms by people, companies can receive countless queries or customer requests daily. 

Increase Marketing ROI

A WhatsApp messenger is one of the best marketing and promotional campaign options.

You can communicate with your existing and potential customers by sending videos, images, and text messages. 

For example, with a virtual number for Whatsapp, you can connect with buyers and builders to establish an organized lead management system. 

A WhatsApp VOIP is one of the most efficient ways of telecommunication. You don’t lose information, and it is cost-effective too!

You can get a Whatsapp VoIP number using the 2nd Number Virtual Phone System instantly.

How to Get a Free WhatsApp Virtual Number?

How to Get a Free Whatsapp Virtual Number?


You can instantly set up a free virtual number for WhatsApp using the 2nd Number app. It is one of the top-most virtual phone number providers.

You need to follow four simple steps to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp with the 2nd Number app.

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Choose your preferred country

Step 3: Choose a virtual phone number and the country code 

Step 4: Choose a package and make your payment. You’ll get a free trial as well. 

You can now connect with anyone at any time with your virtual number. 

How to Verify a Virtual Number on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business?

How to verify a virtual number on Whatsapp


Now that you have your virtual WhatsApp number, you can verify the WhatsApp business account using the steps below:

Step 1: Enter the virtual phone number for WhatsApp to verify your WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Choose your country and country code.

Step 3: Tap the follow-up button to receive a Whatsapp verification code. If given a prompt, tap on Call me to receive the code by phone call. 

Step 4: Input the SMS verification code you receive via SMS. You may also receive the message via a phone call. 

Final Words

WhatsApp marketing has garnered much attention in the present scenario.

And as the WhatsApp business app is a popular platform for communication, getting a WhatsApp virtual number for your business is a good option. Moreover, a WhatsApp virtual phone number does not need a new phone or sim card. There are no extra hardware costs attached as well!

Make your business seamless by connecting with multiple users at the same time. You can get a WhatsApp virtual number in no time from the best virtual number providers by following the above-mentioned steps. However, ensure that the service provider is reliable.

Buy a WhatsApp number and get started! Ensure seamless communication and mark a guaranteed revenue boost in your business.


Yes, you can use a virtual number for WhatsApp.Download the 2nd number app and buy a free phone number WhatsApp.

To use WhatsApp with a virtual number, the following steps will help:

  1. Download the app
  2. Choose your preferred country
  3. Choose a virtual phone number and the country code
  4. Choose a package and make your payment.

Yes, you can use WhatsApp without a phone. You can buy temporary phone numbers, a WhatsApp virtual number, or link a fixed line (landline) number to WhatsApp and make phone calls to clients.

You can buy a virtual number for WhatsApp from the 2nd Number and use the WhatsApp app to communicate with clients and customers.

Yes, WhatsApp accepts virtual numbers. You can purchase a virtual number by choosing your preferred country code from the 2nd number app.

Yes, virtual phone numbers are legally permitted for WhatsApp business. You can buy a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp business from the 2nd number app.

Updated : December 2, 2022

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