2nd Number Vs Textnow

We are one of the most efficiently priced Textnow alternatives, a private number calling app offering easy international calling and texting services using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

TextNow Alternative - 2nd Number

Why is 2nd Number the best second phone number app globally?

Managing personal and professional calls is the basis of any second number. 2nd Number, a TextNow alternative, is a good second number that helps you meet this requirement.

Select Any Number

Easy global number selection facility.

Clear Voice Quality

High-quality calling.

Global Service

International texting and calling.

Feature wise comparison

Feature Comparison 2nd Number Textnow
SIM Card Activation Not Needed Needed
Coverage Global USA
Number selection Global Local Number
Network Connectivity High Weak
Reach International Local
Device On all Devices Compatible Devices
Privacy High Limited
Hardware Needed No SIM Kit

Enhance your Privacy using a Second Phone Number

Use this amazing alternative to TextNow and enjoy the luxury of a private number and manage your calls and texts easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the development of the internet, you can now message and chat with others in your contact list with a phone number without physical existence. You don’t need any real phone sim to operate this new business calling and texting app.

Instead, you must sign up and log in to your account in TextNow; a new number will be assigned to your name. Once done, use it to chat with someone else with a physical number.

Being a free application, you won’t have to pay any subscription fee for the application or the message function. However, there are many alternatives to TextNow, like 2ndNumber, which you can use for the same purpose.

If you want more features and flexibility for texting others without using the real phone sim, you can use 2ndNumber. It is one of the best alternatives to TextNow. It comes with a trial period to help you check if the features are ideal for your purposes or not.

You can convert the trial period into a subscription once you are satisfied with its operations. Due to the presence of a traditional cellular network, the speed is quite impressive. You won’t have to wait for minutes till the message is delivered to the other person, or you receive a response.

2ndNumber is undoubtedly one of the best applications you can use for texting freely with others. It is also known as one of the best alternatives to TextNow.

Instead of using a regular phone SIM for carrying on business operations, you can use this application for connecting with others and ensuring your privacy and safety are maintained at optimal levels. It offers excellent speed thanks to the internal channel between you and the concerned person.

In addition, you don’t have to depend on the messaging device location. Texts will be sent through the wireless network, allowing you to chat with others remotely.

No, you won’t be traced by using TextNow. It operates based on the internet; therefore, there is no way any person can track the number and its activities. Therefore, your location and other private information will also be safe from piracies and theft.

You can also block the contacts who can see you on this application. If you want to use TextNow for your business without alerting others to know about it, you can certainly move forward because this cannot be tracked back to you by any means. Another TextNow alternative you can use is 2ndNumber which functions the same way.

All international calls to Canada start with the country code +1. When you use a virtual phone number in Canada, the country code is followed by a 3-digit code, a 3-digit exchange code, and a 4-digit station code.

No, TextNow is not an actual phone number. Instead, it is a virtual connecting app where once you log into your account will get access to a virtual camera studio.

TextNow and alternatives of TextNow will give you the experience of having an actual sim but with the added advantage of communication over an international wireless connection.

If you are looking for a TextNow alternative, nothing would be as good as the 2ndNumber. Not only is it loaded with some of the most excellent features you can hardly find in any other app, but it also offers the leverage of calling others without using the cellular network.

From call recording to message scheduling, it blends seamlessly with individual and business purposes.

Several other applications have proved to be more efficient and feature-loaded than TextNow. You can find many TextNow alternatives online.

For example, 2ndNumber is the best option as it has features that streamline communication channels and work. In addition, it also allows you to pick a global number, irrespective of the device.

Need a Quick & Easy Private Phone Number?

Make international calls & texts without buying a SIM card.