Be Readily Available to Your Philippines Contacts with Philippines Phone Numbers!

Philippines phone numbers are an excellent, affordable business communication solution that will allow you to reach your customers in the Philippines at a low cost.

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Philippines Phone Number App

If you are looking for a virtual Philippines phone number, the 2nd Number is the perfect app for you! This easy-to-use free phone number app allows you to establish a solid communication channel with your customers and loved ones in the Philippines.

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Be Available To Your Customers 24/7

Being available for your customers or assisting them at the right time is an important factor that will influence your company’s fate. You can certainly achieve this highest level of customer service with the help of the 2nd Number Virtual Phone Number app. 

Thanks to the app’s extended portability, you can always be available to your customers.

To be a customer support center on the move, you will need a decent internet connection, an active subscription, and a Philippines phone number.

Once you have all that, you will be able to answer customer calls or target prospects while sitting in your office or even soaking up the sun on a beach! Eventually, timely assistance to needy customers will assist you in elevating the brand value or establishing you as a customer-centric brand.

Localize & Professionalize Your Brand

It is understandable that individuals will reject or hesitate to answer calls from unknown numbers. However, if the number looks like a local number with a known format and country code, there is a good chance that people will receive the call. This is exactly what the 2nd Number app does.

The 2nd Number app offers a wide variety of country codes, number types, and Philippines phone numbers from which you can select the best combination.

For example, if you want to target customers in Cebu City, you can buy a virtual Philippines number with area code 32. So, when you call Cebu customers, they will perceive the call as coming from their neighborhood and will certainly answer it.

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Philippines virtual phone number

Cut Down The Communication Costs

When you run a service business that requires you to make hundreds of national and international calls to customers every day, you will certainly require an affordable solution that allows you to make calls at affordable rates.

In such a scenario, typical calling solutions are not feasible, and you will need a virtual Philippines phone number.

The 2nd Number application can certainly be this cost-effective and efficient calling solution. Since the 2nd Number app works over the internet, the cost of calling will be significantly lower than the cost of calling through regular plans.

The 2nd Number app functions similarly to any other mobile app. Except for the calling charges, you will not be required to pay for any maintenance or additional hardware. All you need is a good internet connection and a 2nd Number subscription, which costs $10 per month.

Disassociate Your Personal & Professional Lives

The 2nd Number application can also help you keep your personal and professional lives separate. The virtual Philippines phone number will function in the same manner as any other Philippine cell number. 

It can be used for both personal and professional purposes. Besides, you can add a professional touch to your brand by making it a business-exclusive number.

This will allow you to differentiate between personal and business calls. Accordingly, you can prioritize the call and choose whether or not to answer it.

Moreover, having separate records for customer communication allows you to better analyze calls, messages, and other activities. Besides that, 2nd Number provides more features in premium plans, which will further enhance your experience and allow you to manage customer communication better.

Philippines Phone Number

How Does the Philippine Phone Number App Work?

The Philippines telephone numbers provider app– 2nd Number, operates over the internet. Unlike traditional phone calling, which requires a SIM card, phone numbers in the Philippines do not. Instead, the application makes or sends calls or messages over the internet at a low cost.

Follow these 3 simple steps and get your first free Virtual Number in the Philippines:


Start by downloading the 2nd Number app from your Apple Play Store here in your phone.

choose phone number

Select the country/region, i.e., the Philippines, and your preferred phone number from the list.

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Make the payment. You are all set to call or text your customers/loved ones in the Philippines!

Benefits of Buying A Philippines Phone Number?

Philippines phone numbers offer users a wide range of benefits in terms of effectiveness and cost. Investing in the Philippine number allows you to enjoy multiple advantages, including brand building, zero maintenance costs, improved portability, and prompt customer service

Zero Setup Cost

2nd Number is a mobile app like any other. To get started, you do not need to purchase any additional hardware or a subscription.

Large Number Pool

2nd Number offers a large pool of Philippines telephone numbers with various area codes, allowing you to choose the best Philippines phone numbers.

Enhanced Portability

Since you can take the app with you wherever you go, you can literally always be there for your family or customers.


By buying Philippines phone numbers, you save not only on infrastructure and maintenance costs but also on calling costs.


The 2nd Number Philippines phone number provider app has a user-friendly interface and a smooth learning curve for users of all skill levels.

Best Call Quality

Since 2nd Number uses the internet to make calls, there will be little to no lag or distortion in call quality. This will improve the calling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Philippines mobile numbers are 10 digits long, with 3 digits for the service provider and 7 digits for the number. Telephone numbers in the Philippines are also 10 digits long, with first 2-3 digit area codes and 7-8 digit subscriber numbers.

To call the Philippines telephone number:

  1. Enter the country's exit code, i.e., 011 for the USA.
  2. Dial the Philippines country code 63.
  3. Enter the 1-4 digit area code.
  4. Finally, dial the phone number.

The 2nd Number app provides free Philippines phone numbers online. The 2nd Number app plans start at $10 per month and include a free Philippines virtual number, a free $2 credit, and email support.

Yes, you can buy a Philippines business phone number through free phone number apps like 2nd Number. Simply sign up, select an area code & the Philippines mobile number, and start making calls.

Each area, city, or region in the Philippines has a unique area code. Some of the most popular area codes in the Philippines are Manila-2, Cebu-32, Quezon-42, Cavite-46, Caloocan-2, and Davao City-2.

The Philippine phone number format for international callers looks like +63 (XXX) YYY ZZZZ, whereas for domestic callers, the country code- +63 is omitted and a trunk prefix (0) is used.

The country code for virtual phone numbers in the Philippines is +63. To make an international call to anywhere in the Philippines, dial 63, followed by the exit code of the country you are dialing from.

The Philippines' local phone numbers are the numbers that include the country code (+63), the area code, and a 6-7-digit subscriber number.

Local Philippines phone numbers empower you to localize your brand among Philippines-based customers, build trust among local customers, and be accessible to customers at all times.

Apps like 2nd Number can help you get a local Philippines number. To get a Philippines phone number, download the 2nd Number app, choose the local Philippines number, and pay. Then, either import or manually dial the numbers to make calls or send messages.

The +63 prefix in any phone number indicates that the number is from the Philippines. +63 is the country code for the Philippines.

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