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Establish credibility and familiarity with your customers and prospects from anywhere with a Turkish phone number. Buy a Turkish number online and instantly use it for calls and texts from any device. 

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Why Should You Buy A Virtual Turkish Number?

Having a virtual Turkish mobile number gives you the freedom of unlimited calls from Turkey to your office PBX, smartphone, or landline. Keep your private and customer calls separate at a very affordable price.

Why Do Users Prefer 2nd Number

Convenient and Affordable International Call Rates

With a virtual Turkish number, there’s no need to wait for plan activation. Save the hassle of getting a new phone or sim card. The Turkey virtual number would help you to contact anyone at a cost-effective price.

You only need a stable internet connection and a smart device, and you are all set! Remain reachable all the time from anywhere in the world. Send and receive calls, voicemails, and text messages anytime and anywhere.

With a free Turkish mobile number, you get powerful calling tools to interact with your clients better.

Easy Transfer & Call Tracking

Transferring and tracking calls no longer has to be a mess! The customer support executives in your firm can quickly transfer calls to the most capable people that can handle a customer query sufficiently.

Get a Turkish mobile number online and efficiently transfer calls in no time. You can enjoy more than just tracing and transferring calls with a Turkish number.

With 2nd Number, you can get a Turkey virtual number that’ll help you identify the total number of calls dialed and received, the number of leads generated via calling, the average duration per call, your availability agents’ calling status, etc.

You can make informed decisions to improve customer satisfaction and call quality with advanced insights.

Why Do Users Prefer 2nd Number
Enhance Customer Relationships

Enhance Customer Relationships

Your ultimate goal as a company is to serve clients in the best way possible. With a Turkey virtual number, you can enhance customer relationships by creating a local presence in the country for your business to broaden your customer base.

You can improve your conversations with the local customer base with a dedicated Turkish mobile number in cities like Istanbul or Ankara. In addition, a Turkish local number helps prospects and customers become more comfortable taking and receiving your phone calls.

Stay available anywhere and anytime using a free Turkey number and improve your customer support. Apart from the local customers, you will also improve your relations with international clients keen to invest in businesses in Turkey.

Increase Pick-Up Rates

People tend not to pick up calls from numbers they don’t know! With a Turkey virtual phone number at your fingertips, prospects and customers are more likely to answer your company’s calls. If you offer your sales team a local virtual Turkish number, they will be able to get more customers and increase sales.

By allowing your team, for example, to switch from one number to another, they can reach customers quickly. Moreover, you and your staff can connect and forward calls worldwide.

Increase Pick-Up Rates

How Do You Get Free Virtual Turkish Mobile Number?

2nd Number makes it easier for buyers to get a Turkish number online. Virtual free Turkey number networks use VoIP technology to receive calls, where a SIM card isn’t required.

To get a Turkish Virtual Phone number, follow the 3-step process, as outlined below:


Start by downloading the 2nd Number app from your Apple Play Store here.

choose phone number

Select a country (Turkey) and your preferred Turkish mobile number.

calling screen
  1. Dial or text your customers anytime and from anywhere!

Features of Turkish Mobile Phone Number

Turkey phone numbers provide several benefits in terms of quality and cost. With high-quality customer service, you can enjoy all the advanced features of call recording, tracing, real-time reporting, call forwarding, etc.

Call Forwarding

Utilize this feature to forward incoming calls and messages effortlessly to your digit local phone numbers.

Call Recording

Your new Turkey virtual number will help you record calls from local customers and employees for training purposes.

Real-Time Reporting

View in-depth information about calls made to your Turkish mobile number, customers’ call habits, preferred timings, and much more!

Voice Response

This function in your free Turkish number supports call transfers from departments of your organization to others.

VoiceMail Messages

With a virtual phone number in Turkey, customers can conveniently leave their voice messages if a support executive is unavailable.

Multi User Support

With 2nd Number’s cloud telephony Turkish VoIP number services, your staff can easily coordinate and collaborate with each other.

Turkey Phone Number FAQs

A Turkish number is made of 12 digits and split into three groups. So if you are making a call to Turkey, you have to dial the country code, followed by the area code and the 7-digit number of the person receiving the call.

If you are calling from outside Turkey, the phone number will look like this +90 212 XXX XXXX, where +90 is the country code, 212 is the area code, and the Xs signify the local seven-digit number.

No, a Turkish virtual number can be availed without any special documentation, company identification numbers or area code requirements. Buying a Turkish number online through 2nd Number is quick and hassle-free.

You can buy a free Turkish phone number online through major mobile telephone providers like 2nd Number. You just need to download the app and pick your number from a list, and you are ready to make free calls and send texts with your new number without any area code.

A virtual phone number for Turkey helps you expand your business, increase your brand’s credibility and improve customer experience. It also saves costs and offers better-calling quality.

The 2nd Number app is the best place to get a Turkish number. It is advanced, affordable and packed with useful features like call forwarding and tracking to offer a peerless calling experience.

The 2nd Number app is a great way to purchase a virtual phone number online, which you can use as a Whatsapp number in Turkey.

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