Get A USA Virtual Phone Number and Scale Your Business To New Heights

Wondering how to stay connected with your clients in the US? Get a virtual US phone number and send calls and texts to your customers in the US at low prices. You don’t need to buy a new phone or SIM card, just a stable internet connection, and you are good to go.

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Why Should You Buy A Virtual USA Number?

Say goodbye to expensive international call rates with a US virtual number. With no additional costs, a free virtual US phone number lets you contact your customers in the US from anywhere and at any time.

Helps You Build a Local Customer Base

Helps You Build A Local Customer Base

Virtual phone number providers help you choose any number from across the world. If you have clients based in the US, having a virtual US phone number enables you to create a local presence and expand your clientele with ease.

And if you have team members living in the US, a virtual USA number makes it even more convenient for you to connect with them. Simply download the 2nd Number and select a virtual US mobile number – a nationwide number or a toll-free number, and start making and receiving calls from your customers all over the country.

Convenient and Cost-Friendly

When you buy virtual phone number USA, it is available for use instantly. No need to wait for activation. Besides, using a US virtual phone number saves you the trouble of getting a new phone or SIM card, unlike a traditional phone number.

With a stable internet connection and a smart device such as a mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet, you are all set. Moreover, since virtual phone system are completely online, you can work from anywhere without having a landline or sim card you just require second phone number app.

Be it at home or in the office, a USA virtual number, or any other virtual number, helps you connect with your customers from anywhere. As long as you are connected to the WiFi, you can send and receive calls and text messages anytime.

Convenient and Cost Friendly
Provides useful call tracking insights

Provides Useful Call Tracking Insights

When you get a USA free virtual phone number, you get more than just affordable call rates. As a business having second phone number, it is not just enough to make calls to existing and potential customers. You need to be aware of the data that drives your business and what you can do to improve the quality of your calls.

With the 2nd Number, you can get a virtual US phone number that helps you identify the total number of calls made and received, the number of leads generated via calling, which agents are making the most calls, the average duration of calls, and so on.

Advanced reporting features allow you to make informed decisions to enhance call quality and customer satisfaction.

Directs Calls to the Right Person

A free virtual phone number or a free virtual US number directs your calls to the right person. With its call forwarding feature, you can now forget about missed calls or leaving calls unattended.

In case you are not available, 2nd Number directs your call to the next available person, who can then address or help the customers on the phone. This helps you improve customer satisfaction and do effective business communication, as you can always stay connected with your customers and resolve their queries immediately.

Moreover, you and your team members can connect and forward calls from anywhere in the world. 

Direct calls to the right person

How Do You Get Free Virtual US Mobile Number?

With 2nd Number, you can get a free VoIP number or buy a US virtual phone number at little to no cost. As a virtual USA number provider, 2nd Number does not require a new SIM card or additional equipment to get you started.

The process of getting a virtual US phone number is quite simple. Just follow these steps:


Start by installing the 2nd Number app from the Apple Play Store here.

choose phone number

Choose your preferred country and available phone number from the list.

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Dial and text your customers anytime, anywhere!

How can you make the most out of a USA Virtual Phone Number?

Effectively boost your brand presence by purchasing a virtual phone number in USA. Buy a virtual phone number in USA in a couple of minutes and start today. Choose your preferred country code and make and receive calls using a virtual US phone number. Build a local presence and win over your customer’s hearts in USA. The perfect strategy to grow your business starts with just a virtual number in USA.

Brand Building

A USA virtual mobile number can allow you to greet the local customers in USA from anywhere, anytime around the world.

Increased Savings

International calls can hamper your operational budgets. A free USA virtual phone number is an ideal solution that can increase your savings.

Same Infrastructure

A decent net connection on your existing smartphone is enough to use a virtual phone in USA. Use your current phone to place calls anywhere in USA.

Excellent Calling Experience

It is one of the best virtual phone numbers in USA. The app is easy to use and requires no training due to its efficient, user-friendly interface.

Impressive Quality

Get a virtual phone number in USA& experience the power of impressive call quality. This app eliminates data latency for a smooth experience.

Virtual Setup

Growing your business in USA could be quite challenging . Establish your virtual set up in minutes with our Canadian virtual phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

The USA virtual number is a phone number that can be used to make calls from the United States to any country worldwide. It works like an ordinary phone number and does not require software or hardware.

You can choose from various USA virtual numbers, including toll-free, local, mobile, and landline. Each type has features and benefits that can help you get more out of your business.

The most crucial benefit of using a USA virtual phone number is that they are affordable compared to other options available today.

Using the 2nd Number app, you can get a free virtual US number, a virtual US mobile number, or a toll-free US virtual phone number.

Download the 2nd Number app from the Apple Play Store and choose a USA virtual number. To call an American number, dial the country code (+1), followed by the ten-digit phone number.

When you buy a US virtual phone number from 2nd Number, it does not ask for personal details like bank details and ID proof. This way, a free US virtual phone number protects you from online fraud and potential data breaches.

Calling in the US can be expensive. With 2nd Number, you can get a range of USA free virtual phone numbers and start calling and texting instantly, at cheaper rates.

You can get access to a free virtual US number or a free VoIP number by downloading the 2nd Number app from the Apple Play Store. Choose the preferred country as ‘USA’ and select from a list of available US virtual numbers. Start calling and texting your customers in the US right away.

Yes, USA Virtual phone numbers are legal. That said, you should know that there are some restrictions. For example, virtual numbers cannot be used for emergency services and must be registered with the FCC.

If you're using a virtual number to mask your actual location or phone number, then it's illegal. And if you're using a fake number to defraud people, then it's also illegal.

Virtual numbers may be used for many legitimate purposes — such as testing new apps or providing customer service without incurring long-distance charges.

If you want a free US virtual phone number for WhatsApp, all you need to do is sign up with 2nd number, select the country as the USA and pick your virtual number. You can now use this number to register on WhatsApp.

Yes! You can get a US virtual phone number for personal use. 2nd Number offers many numbers for personal use, including local and toll-free numbers.

Yes, you can choose your USA virtual number. You can search for a number by country or city or pick one from the list of available numbers. Here's how you can get started with your choice of free US virtual number:

  1. Install the 2nd Number app
  2. Choose your preferred country and available phone number from the list.
  3. Dial and text your customers anytime, anywhere!

The USA virtual number has no physical presence or equipment. Instead, it is a software application running on servers.

A person who subscribes to a VoIP service requests that the company assign them a local-sounding phone number. When someone within that area code calls the virtual phone number, it is recognized as local and seamlessly maps to the subscriber's actual telephone number.

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